Supporting Employee Mental Health

The importance of supporting workplace mental health has never been greater

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Make mental health a priority

By showing your employees that you take their mental health seriously this will help them to feel secure at a time when stress, worry and illness can take over.

We know that supported staff feel more committed to their organisation, and this will improve their employee experience, provide you with strong brand ambassadors and ultimately help your people deal with any worries, potential diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

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Healthcare tailored for you

Whether you are a large organisation or a small business, health insurance provision will show your employees that you value them. Curating a healthcare package that is right for your company is simple. It can include mental health support, online advice and assistance or even a digital gym membership to aid your employees’ physical fitness; there are various kinds of healthcare and staff benefits available to choose from.

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Supporting your people

Speak to one of our friendly team to get a quote; health insurance, wellness bundles, and our Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) are just some of the options. We can arrange the perfect wellbeing bundle – created in partnership with our own dedicated UK health insurance company, that is right for your organisation – and your people.

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Time-critical help when it’s needed most

With mental health waiting times reaching a critical point, curating a package of support services for mental health for staff who may be suffering and finding it hard to reach out to loved one or colleagues can be invaluable. Having access to a 24/7 online mental health support can make a huge difference. For example, our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) offers a mental health support line and puts all the health services your people might need in one place, making support simple, and just a phone call or mouse click away.

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Want to have all these benefits?

Being able to provide an optimum employee experience by offering a relevant and cost-effective benefits package plays a critical role in improving staff retention, and increasing the quality and volume of candidates applying for roles.

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