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What is EV Salary Sacrifice?

The EV Salary sacrifice lets your employees pay for an electric car from their salary before tax. It’s like the cycle to work scheme for electric cars.

How does Electric Car Salary Sacrifice work?

Our electric car scheme allows employees to purchase a new electric vehicle (via salary sacrifice) from a wide choice of electric vehicles.

Rather than making payments to the supplier directly, payments are made on a monthly basis by the company and deducted from the employees pre-tax earnings. 

The benefits of EV salary sacrifice to your staff

Purchasing their new electric vehicle through a salary sacrifice scheme means payments come from your employees gross earnings reducing their income tax and national insurance contributions. 

Not only that but they (and your company) will be doing their bit for the environment with an eco-friendly electric vehicle.

Electric Vehicle via Salary Sacrafice Scheme

My Staff Shop Electric Car Salary Sacrifice Schemes

With all the benefits of EV Salary Sacrifice Schemes, there is a downside, in that setting up the scheme for your company will take some time. That’s where My Staff Shop is able to assist you. When your company joins our employee benefits platform there will be a Electric Car scheme ready for your organisation to use.

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