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Discounts and Savings

With My Staff Shop, you give more.

Discounting Everyday Shopping & Some Special Extras​

Save money on everyday purchases – If there is a way to give your employees a 5% pay rise by spending pennies a month, would you want to discover how? In real terms, this is the benefit of using My Staff Shop.

For a small fee per employee, per month, you will open up access to savings from supermarkets, shopping, cycle to work schemes and holidays. Literally, anything they can spend money on through My Staff Shop your employees will get a discount or cashback.

With over a thousand partners, both nationally and locally, whatever they are looking for, we have a way for them to save money.

Save as you spend

The My Staff Shop App also allows savings to be made when out shopping. All your employees have to do is open the App and save.

Find out how to give your staff a tax-free pay rise through discounts and cashback.

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