Communicating your Employee Benefits Package to Staff

Expert advice and assistance to explain the Value Proposition to Your Employees

What are the benefits?

There are many proven benefits to a company from a well ordered reward scheme:

Increase Productivity

Promote Development and Career Progression

Bring a Sense of Satisfaction & Build Morale

Enhance Teamwork

Create a Strong Employer Brand

Attract Potential Candidates

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Attract, Recruit, Retain

A great employee reward package is a key component of creating a strong and vibrant identity that your employees can feel proud to be a part of.


Bespoke Branding

To maximise the EVP of your reward platform brand, your benefits portal can be tailored your way.

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Creating an EVP

There are many steps to creating an EVP that matches your business goals and My Staff Shop gives you the tools to create an exciting and engaging platform to create something that your employees really value.


Ideal Solution

My Staff Shops’s Reward & Recognition scheme helps you develop a culture of appreciation where your employees feel valued for the work they do.


Want to have all these benefits?

Our experience plays an important role in improving staff retention, improving the quality and volume of candidates applying for roles.

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