Promoting Local Business

Supporting local businesses nationwide by giving members exclusive access to promotions.

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My Staff Shop Local Deals


My Staff Shop is an employee benefit platform that offers a wide range of discounts to the employees of corporate clients. Clients also reward their employees through the platform for performance, long service, workplace achievements etc.

Working with some of the UK’s largest private & public sector employers we provide access to Local Deals to over 400,000 staff throughout the UK.


You are a local business that would like to promote your business to our members. My Staff Shop is a closed group platform, so any discount you provide will not be advertised to the general public.

Members search for a Local Deal and then simply print, download or show the discount voucher on their mobile device. Thousands of local restaurants, shops and service providers already offer discounts through My Staff Shop.


We will create a promo banner to advertise your business and list you under our Local Deals section, where all employees can access the offer and contact you directly.

My Staff Shop members can search by business name, local category and geography. Offers will also be listed under our “lifestyle” categories.


Placing an offer under Local Deals is completely free of charge to you.

We want to support local communities by promoting your business.

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Promoting Local Business

Don't use this form if you are an employee and have a query about your account, gift cards, orders or anything else. Please contact us here.

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