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Workplace Rewards

Tailor your perfect way of rewarding employees

We all want to know we're appreciated

Wouldn’t it be nice for everyone to give their best work every day without needing to motivated? Your staff coming in into work just for the love of being there. As we all know, human beings aren’t made that way. When your team does a great job wouldn’t it be nice for you to show your appreciation quickly?

With so much energy being spent on doing the job, what most employers are seeking is a fast and effective way to say “Well done, you’ve done a really good job, thank you.”

An easy way to show you value the work your employees deliver is to buy treats e.g. a round of coffees. These sorts of things are based on team recognition but often leaves a manager without the correct tool to reward individual excellence. It can get quite expensive too. 

Another way to say thanks is by email, very cost-effective, but is adding another item to the inbox get the result you want.

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Acknowledging employee achievement

There is a saying that “people will always work harder when they know they are appreciated,” and research backs it up.

Productive Employees

Most employers want their employees to be happy because happy colleagues are productive employees. In addition a satisfied employee is less prone to absenteeism and more likely to promote the company to friends and family.

Ideal Solution

My Staff Shops’s Reward & Recognition scheme helps you develop a culture of appreciation where your employees feel valued for the work they do. Reward and recognition schemes should motivate, engage and encourage positive behaviours amongst your staff. The best programmes send a clear message that your organisation recognises an individual’s or a team’s hard work throughout the year.

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My Staff Shop has all the tools to enable you to implement you company’s reward & recognition strategy.