Workplace Rewards for staff

Reward your employees and show your appreciation by providing a real benefit to teams or individuals.

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We all like to know we’re appreciated

When your team does a great job, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to show your gratitude in-the-moment? For your managers to be empowered to provide team member rewards and say ‘well done you’re doing a great job’?

For staff to be able to voice their appreciation to their colleagues?

You can achieve all of this in just a few clicks with the My Staff Shop Rewards and Recognition Programme.

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Managing Trivial Benefits

Trivial Benefits are by definition not ‘rewards for work or performance’, nor can a voucher count as a Trivial Benefit – HMRC uses ‘trivial’ to define something which does not add financial value to an employees pay packet – with a true value of less than £50. Trivial benefits examples might include a staff lunch, a round of coffees for the team, or a gift on an employees birthday.

Luckily My Staff Shop provides a variety of employee rewards ideas that fall within the HMRC Trivial Benefits definition. You can use the discount deals to save money on everything from pizzas to plants and coffees to cinema tickets.

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Employee Rewards Ideas

It can be hard to think of ideas for staff rewards but if want to express your thanks, then here are our Top 10 ‘Rewards which make staff feel valued’:
1. Fans for desk or home in a heatwave
2. A plant for a homeworker’s desk
3. Cinema tickets on a Friday evening
4. An organic fruit and veg box to help physical and mental wellbeing
5. Tickets to the local theatre to see the Pantomime (or whatever your team enjoys)
6. Lunchtime drinks at your nearest ‘local deals’ pub or bar
7. Personalised thank you cards with a message of gratitude or support
8. A high street shopping voucher to treat yourself from a favourite store
9. Spotify gift cards for the streamers amongst you
10. Name a star for each of your ‘stars’

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My Staff Shop Reward Voucher

Enhance Team Spirit

Create a Strong Employer Brand

Attract Potential Candidates

Increase Productivity

Promote Development and Career Progression

Bring a Sense of Satisfaction & Build Morale

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Want to have all these benefits?

The employee experience you provide for your people plays an important role in staff retention and improves the quality and volume of candidates applying for roles.

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