Employee Assistance Programmes

Confidential and reassuring; The EAP is a place for your employees to turn to when problems arise. A mix of videos, text and online chat makes our EAP services user friendly and accessible for all.

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Personal and workplace wellbeing

With increasing uncertainty and stress in the past few years, and moving into what is looking to be a continuous period of strain, implementing a high quality Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is one of the best perks that you can offer your employees.

Providing wellbeing assistance and advice, from a simple counselling session with someone who really knows how to listen, through to financial guidance and legal resources, this is a genuine and valued benefit for staff, and can help you attract and retain high quality applicants to your roles.

Recognising that the wellbeing of your employees is crucial to their health also brings benefits such as improvements in positivity, productivity and attendance. Why not arrange a chat with one of our expert advisers to discuss the benefits of EAP services for employees?
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What’s included in the EAP Service?​

EAP stands for Employee Assistance Programme, and our EAP offers a range of services designed to assist, guide, and mentor employees through times when they need help across a range of challenges. You can see how employees would access this with a live demo of the My Staff Shop EAP platform on request.

As a provider of one of the most comprehensive schemes in the UK, My Staff Shop offer: Counselling Assistance, Career Coaching and Education Support, Childcare Services, Money Management Assistance, Legal Assistance and Health and Wellbeing support.

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More about our EAP Benefits

There are many proven benefits to a company from a well ordered reward scheme:

Money Management Information

Offering guidance on how to plan spending and saving at a level which is accessible to all ages and abilities, our financial wellness information will help your staff to make the most of their salary and protect against financial shocks.

Child Care Services

Our Employee Assistance Programme can provide support with pregnancy health and wellbeing, feeding, weaning, immunisation, supporting your partner as a new parent, and returning to work.

Career Coaching & Education Support

From supporting a move for work and juggling finances, through to information and advice to minimise study stress. Advice for those undertaking both professional qualifications and mainstream exams is just a phone call away.

Legal Assistance Resources

Employees can search for a wide selection of legal information and advice to help them with issues including those unrelated to employment.


Counselling Assistance Programme

Our Counselling EAP Service provides qualified counsellors who are available to provide one to one confidential advice and sessions about anything troubling your staff, whether thats their work or personal life.

Health & Wellbeing

Providing information on eating well, incorporating exercise into daily life, looking after your mental health, relaxation techniques, developing self esteem and more - all designed to help your staff stay well and minimise their stresses.

How can we help?

Don’t use this form if you are an employee and have a query about your account, gift cards, orders or anything else. Please contact us here.

Don’t use this form if you are an employee and have a query about your account, gift cards, orders or anything else. Please contact us here.

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