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Employee Assistance,
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The Employee Assistance Programme is a place for your employees to turn to when problems arise. A mix of videos, text and online chat makes our EAP user friendly and accessible for all.

An Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) is an employer funded benefit that offers employees confidential counselling and advice on a wide range of work and personal issues. It is a core component of an organisation’s risk and absence management strategy and a versatile resource for managers and HR professionals.

Money Management

A life without finance considerations is not a reality for most people. There is guidance on how to plan spending and saving which is accessible to all ages and abilities. Money worries are the single biggest source of employee absenteeism and poor performance.

Legal Assistance

Life generally isn’t going well when you need a lawyer, this excellent resource for employees to use when facing an already difficult challenge.

Health & Wellbeing

There is an established link between the performance of your workforce and your employees health and wellbeing. Healthy employees are absent less and they’re in better shape to do their jobs well.

Child Care Services

Complete childcare assists your employees to be able to spend more time at work.

Career Coaching

Employees who feel empowered within the workplace will be more effective at influencing others and gaining their trust.

Education Support

Employees are a company’s biggest asset, and investing in talent is vital to sustainable business growth and success.

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