Staff Learning and Development

Professional development and skills training can benefit your employees and your business

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What are the benefits?

Having a tailored L&D strategy increases productivity, promotes internal mobility, and develops essential skills within your workforce.

Free Financial Education

Our mission is to enable all our users to become more financially savvy, that’s why you can access free videos on how to manage your money.

Learn a foreign language

For fun or for business, learning a language will unlock doors for you. There is a range of discounted language learning programmes on the site for all learning styles.

Driving School Savings

Not being able to drive can often be a barrier to career progression. Access discounted driving lessons on the platform.

School Learning

Give your people and their families a helping hand with our range of courses to support essential learning from early years through to A-levels.

Fun Stuff

Ever wanted to learn a new skill just because you thought it would be fun? There are hundreds of courses with special rates, from graphic design to garden design.

Career Development skills

What changes will happen in the next five years? Whatever the challenges ahead, access hundreds of employability and skills training courses on our learning platform.

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Learning & Development: Engaging & Profitable

The importance of developing your people's skills cannot be overplayed. The My Staff Shop Platform gives employees easy access to learning resources online to help them keep on top of those essential skills and create an improved Employee Value Proposition.
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Building critical skills

In whatever area you need to develop the skills of your people, we can help. From business development to customer service training, there will be a course to help you improve the skills of your internal talent.

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Want to have all these benefits?

Our advisers are on hand to walk you through the process of setting up the right learning package for your staff. Request a demo of the My Staff Shop Platform today.

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