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Build your bespoke employee benefits, reward & recognition, and health and wellbeing offering and put the employee experience at the heart of your business.

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Why Choose Us


Simply put, it's the most economical pay rise you can give your people. Employees using My Staff Shop, on average, save over £1,000 per year on groceries, utilities and treats. Savings are tax-free for employee and employer.


Feel great when you do a good job, or tell a colleague that their work is appreciated.
Whether it's a bonus, a hearty thank you, or a kind word, My Staff Shop helps you promote employee gratitude.


Everyone suffers when absenteeism creeps into the workplace. The My Staff Shop tailored health & wellbeing platform proves prevention is better, and more cost-effective, than cure.


Salary Sacrifice is another tax-efficient benefit for companies and employees that's advantageous for you. With payments spread over months, making capital purchases is more affordable.


Support your people's career goals and promote a culture of learning  through the 1000s of free and discounted learning resources we offer on our Platform. 


An Employee Assistance Programme is a place that your employees can turn to for help. Our user-friendly videos, text and online chat option make our EAP  accessible for everyone.

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Employee Rewards, it's what we do

Our mission is to produce a flexible, responsive, and personalised employee benefits and reward platform. From this, you can ensure that your people have access to relevant and helpful savings that make a real impact and will ultimately boost engagement, wellbeing, and productivity for your business.

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Employee benefits are more than just company cars

They can help you save money on your everyday spending, and with the cost of living skyrocketing, we all need to look after the pennies.

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Let us find your best solution

Let's talk! It all begins with a conversation. Tell us what you need and we can work together to create a bespoke benefits package to support your business objectives.

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My Staff Shop has all the tools to enable you to implement your company’s employee

The 'tools' of engagement

We'll accompany you on your employee engagement journey to help you implement your benefits and reward vision, whatever that looks like for your business.

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Service & Benefit

Here are some of the savings your employees can expect





Home & Garden




Gym Memberships




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Want to have all these benefits?

Being able to provide the optimal employee experience by offering a relevant and cost-effective benefits package plays a critical role in improving staff retention, and increasing the quality and volume of candidates applying for roles.

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What are Employee Rewards?

What are Employee Rewards? Employee Rewards are perks that a company delivers to its employees to motivate, engage, and retain their workforce. It’s that simple. Rewards will likely look different...

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a burning question? Drop us an email and we can discuss any queries you might have.

Why choose us?

My Staff Shop’s mission statement is ‘For employees by employees.’ As an Employee Owned Trust, we believe in providing the best possible experience for our clients and their people because we believe in the strength of our business and the services we offer. 
Our customisable, flexible, and affordable employee benefits offering is targeted, relevant, and provides a tangible return on investment. Our friendly, dedicated customer service team deals with any queries so you always have a real person to help resolve any issues. What’s not to love?

What kind of retailers are available?

We have over 200 clothing brands, all the major takeaway suppliers, pub chains, supermarkets, department stores and cinemas. That’s not to mention the local retailers we work with so your people can get discounts in their own area.

What kind of discounts are available?

Discounts range from money off the weekly supermarket shop and fuel; to savings on fashion, tech, holidays, travel, health, beauty, home and garden, DIY, days out and more.

What is the ROI?

Apart from reducing recruitment costs thanks to improved employee retention from having a relevant and effective employee benefits offering, employers can offer their staff significant savings on everyday spending for a very low cost per head. Our EAP, health & wellbeing, and rewards and recognition bolt-ons improve the employee experience, transform the workplace culture, and improve productivity, which positively impacts your business’s bottom line. 

Can I connect my existing employer benefits with the My Staff Shop Platform?

The simple answer is yes! We can work with any legacy systems that you already have in place by hosting them on our Platform. This makes the user experience more cohesive and reduces the administrative burden for your team.

What are the tax implications?

Having a My Staff Shop benefits package offers tax relief. Talk to one of our advisors to find out more about the additional savings you can make by choosing us as your employee benefits provider. 

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Are employee benefits a better plan than a pay rise?

An Employee Benefits Package offers so much more and places the employee experience at the heart of your business

Increase financial reward

Build your brand

Support employees' health

Foster a Savings Culture

Reduce financial stress

Encourage praise

Words From Clients

Hear what our clients are saying about working with our team.

Headshot of James Drewry Head of Payroll & Reward

Highly recommend

The support we have received from My Staff Shop has been excellent, both during launch and ongoing. Anything raised is quickly and efficiently dealt with. Throughout, my account manager has always been available and has been a fantastic support.

James Drewry

Head of Payroll & Reward

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