Employee value proposition (EVP)

Bit of a mouthful - and it's unlikely to be a phrase on the forefront of your employees mind when they arrive at work. It's more likely they are asking themselves whether they understand your company, do they know the part they play and do they want your business to succeed? If the answer to those questions is 'yes', then you're in good shape - you have employees that are more productive, more creative, work smarter and share ideas.

If your workforce is not unanimous on this one, we can help.

reward & recognition

Reward & Recognition

Who doesn't like being appreciated? It's all too easy to forget to thank or congratulate a colleague. Through the platform you can give monetary gifts and rewards, or simply say 'thanks' with an e-Card.

discounts and cashback

Discounts & cashback

Who doesn't like saving money? It's a big part of the platform and we know your employees will love what's on offer (because we do!) - whether it's family days out, supermarket shopping or a sunshine holiday.

learning and development

learning & development

Who doesn't like self-improvement? Give your employees access to free financial advice, discounted driving lessons, first aid training as well as an online range of further education courses.

health and wellbeing

health & wellbeing

Who doesn't like being healthy? Healthy employees are more productive and engaged. Gym discounts, food and nutrition advice, health insurance and regular health check-ups - we've got it covered.

branded site


Your logo, your corporate colours. Your benefits platform. Your happy employees.


Bespoke Launch

If we build it, they will come - we will shout loud and launch with a bang!



Sharing. When it's on the platform, your employees will know about it.

mi reports

MI Reporting

Realtime data at your fingertips to see how your employees are benefiting.

A few of the companies we work with

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