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My Staff Shop’s mission is not only to produce the employee reward platform that engages everyone and saves money – it’s to help bring financial security to all of your employees. My Staff Shop offers flexible, tax-efficient ways to enable both employees and employers to save money. We tailor your Employee Benefits package in-house to suit your workplace’s culture and objectives. Attracting and retaining excellent staff is not just about salary, it’s an ongoing process where employees know that you have their best interests at heart.

There are so many factors when selecting a reward platform. With so much choice out there, how do you choose the right employee reward package for your business? My Staff Shop starts with you and your organisation’s goals, to shape your perfect employee reward platform. So when you partner with My Staff Shop, you’re choosing what’s best for you.

Increase financial reward

Build your employer branding

Work on your employees' health and wellbeing

Foster a savings culture

Reduce your employees' financial stress

Encourage praise & recognition for a job well done

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My Staff Shop has all the tools to enable you to implement your company’s employee reward vision.

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