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Corporate perks at work​

Offering great employee perks and benefits is a win-win – employers are able to reward staff and employees enjoy low cost or free benefits.

Should you offer your staff perks at work?​

The best companies want to ensure that their employees are happy. Staff who feel appreciated and listened to tend to stay longer at a company and are more willing to go the extra mile, as well as being great ambassadors for the company.

If you’d like to discuss what perks your staff would most appreciate, do get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss what’s available.

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What are the most popular perks at work?​

The most popular perks can vary – often depending on the age and lifestyle of your employee – so offering a range of employee perks and discounts which will meet the changing needs of staff as they move home, become parents, advance their career or enjoy more free time will ensure that all of the staff feel equally valued.

Desirable perks in the UK often include cineworld cinema tickets,  discounted supermarket and high street vouchers or access to free learning resources. You could also consider offering staff access to some fun perks which are a little more unusual – how about these?

My Daily Offer – Amazing deals and giveaways everyday!

My Daily Offer is our brazen attempt to get your employees to visit our platform every single day. These are our flagship deals, a special offer providing a discount at an enhanced rate, or, if your employees are lucky, we may be gifting them something completely free!

Daily Offers are usually limited in number. Unsurprisingly, the giveaways and the most popular offers sell out very fast – a sure sign of how much your employees will love them!

Price Drop – The deal that becomes more tempting by the second

Price Drop is a Dutch auction.  Instead of people giving ever increasing bids for an item, we start the price at the top and it falls until someone swoops in and makes the purchase. And don’t worry if your staff won’t access the system during a standard office day because they’re driving or customer facing – we have Price Drop on around the clock, so employees won’t wait long for the next one to countdown.

My Lottery – A free monthly Lottery for your employees

Imagine someone comes to your employees’ front door each month and hands them a lottery ticket for free. They’d like that, wouldn’t they? Well, with My Staff Shop they don’t need to trouble themselves with walking to the door. They just tap on the My Staff Shop App or visit our site and they can enter our lottery for free!Whilst the prizes aren’t quite on the same scale as the actual lottery, employees can win by matching 3 balls right up to the jackpot – from cars and jacuzzis to fancy watches – they’ll never know what they might win!

Local Deals

What are your employees’ favourite restaurants? Suggest them to us! They may find themselves saving on all their future visits! Our Members are able to suggest Local Deals to us through the ‘Recommend a Local Deal’ section. Our Deal Making team will then contact the business to try and secure an exclusive deal. If your employees aren’t happy with the selection we have on offer, their recommendations can help us make Local Deals exactly what they are looking for.

This initiative is a great way to support your local businesses and help to save the highstreet. With thousands of local businesses signed up to this scheme across the country, your employees will feel good helping the local community whilst they spend. Contact us to find out more!


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