Health & Wellbeing

A 360 degree solution to the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing of your employees

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Health and Wellbeing

Prioritise employees’ overall health and wellness for a healthy, happy, and productive workforce.

A comprehensive employee health and wellbeing programme provides additional support for staff for healthcare needs, access to mental health services, and an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to provide aid during stressful life events. Provide further support to employees to enable them to be as healthy as they can be.

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Wellbeing Bundle

The Wellbeing Bundle we offer wraps up our most popular health-focused benefits in one solution. This includes the health discounts, the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), Virtual GP, access to our Digital Wellbeing Platform and the Hospital Cash Plan.

Being able to offer your people a comprehensive solution not only provides them with the care and support they need to lead healthy, fulfilling lives, but helps to prevent health issues worsening, and can provide peace of mind.

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Health & Wellness Cash Plans

Offer your employees peace of mind for a fraction of the cost of PMI. For employers who want to offer the ultimate protection, health insurance covers all bases. We provide a variety of different types of cover - all of which are for employees and dependents.

These include:

 • Health & Wellness Cash Plans
 • Cancer Cash Plans
 • NHS Xtra Hospital Cash Plans
 • Private Medical Insurance (PMI)

Learn more about our hospital cash plans

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Health & Fitness Discounts​

Our health discount packages not only boost staff fitness and wellbeing but also enhance overall morale and productivity. Employees can enjoy significant savings on gym memberships, fitness gear, health supplements, and fresh food deliveries, fostering a culture of health that benefits every level of your organisation.

Benefit from corporate rates on gym memberships with up to 25% off at over 3,800 renowned fitness centers across the UK. Additionally, help your staff save on fitness equipment — from dumbbells to yoga mats — from major sports brands.

Read more about health and wellness discounts here.

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Our comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme is designed to enhance your workforce's wellbeing and productivity. Our services range from financial planning to mental health support, ensuring your employees have access to essential resources for maintaining a balanced life.

Discover how our tailored support can help your teams manage everyday challenges effectively. From money management to legal assistance and career coaching, we provide the tools your staff need to succeed professionally and personally.

You can read more about our EAP here.

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Tailored Wellbeing Package

Whether you are a large organisation or a small business, health insurance provision will show your employees that you value them. Curating a healthcare package that is right for your company is simple.

It can include mental health support, online advice and assistance or even a digital gym membership to aid your employees’ physical fitness; there are various kinds of healthcare and staff benefits available to choose from.

Foster appreciation, reward effort and boost engagement

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Don’t use this form if you are an employee and have a query about your account, gift cards, orders or anything else. Please contact us here.

Don’t use this form if you are an employee and have a query about your account, gift cards, orders or anything else. Please contact us here.

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