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Case Study: Rivus Fleet Solutions

Rivus Fleet Solutions logo

Sector: Fleet Services

Number of Employees: Total 1330

Employee mix: Vehicle technicians make up most of the workforce with standard support services for the rest- average age 43.

Locations: 83 Nationwide

What employee challenges were Rivus Fleet Solutions trying to solve?

The ultimate goal was to use My Staff Shop to support our employee satisfaction, recruitment and retention strategies. Rivus wanted a cost-effective platform to house our reward programme and offer employees a wide range of discounts to further their wages.

We also wanted products and tools to help our values & wellbeing strategy in five key ways:

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1. Employee Assistance Programme

Rivus employees have 24/7 access to confidential counselling services and employee assistance programmes. In addition, the platform gives access to education tools to manage stress.

2. Financial Wellbeing

The large range of discounts as well as financial education resources within the platform. I have not seen any of the other providers offer anything at places like Aldi and Lidl, so this is unique and a great way to get colleagues to log in every day.

I have personally built up around £420 in Reward Beans in approximately nine months! That is without half the products that you can use it for because of Covid. Demonstrating how effective the platform is for saving when used well.

3. Support for existing benefits outside of My Staff Shop

Incorporated into the existing platform with unique page visible & bespoke links.

4. Financial Reward

My Staff Shop has made administration of our Reward & Recognition proposal incredibly easy with budgets allocated to budget holders on the portal, who can then seamlessly give financial rewards for performance.

Feedback from our recent employee satisfaction survey has specifically noted how happy employees are with the R & R programme.

5. Intercompany Recognition

We have also taken great advantage of ‘fanmail’. Fanmail is an excellent platform feature that allows anyone in the business to send a ‘well done’ or ‘thank you’ to another colleague. We have had over 500 fanmails sent across the company.

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Why did Rivus change their Employee Benefits provider to My Staff Shop?

Compared to larger employee benefits providers, the standard of support from My Staff Shop has been far superior. My Staff Shop is a smaller company than many in the market, but with that, you get a more customer-focused service.

The platform is also incredibly cost-effective. I have done a lot of research in the market, and almost everyone else is at least four times as expensive for what is essentially the same thing!!

The platform doesn’t have all of the bells and whistles of some of the costly platforms, but it essentially does the same job, it all works, and the functionality is pretty incredible for the cost to the business.

What elements of your new platform surprised you?

The consultant visits are unique and were key for me in ensuring engagement with the platform. You can pay all the money in the world for a platform, but you’re wasting money if no one uses it.

The Daily Offers are also great! I have not seen any of the other providers offer anything at places like Aldi and Lidl, so this is unique and a great way to get colleagues to log in every day… I certainly do!

Cropped shot of a group of creatives having a meeting in a modern office

What reservations did Rivus Fleet Solutions have?

“The price would make you wonder if it performed very well because it is competitively priced. However, it still looks and feels great! Above all, it all works (although I didn’t know that before launching).

“The platform is not quite as slick looking as some of the costly ones. There are a few bits that are a tiny bit clunky but all in all, it is exceptional.

“With my previous company I  launched an employee benefits scheme with a different platform provider: their cashback never worked, and it was four times the price! So, you don’t always get what you pay for!”

James Drewry

What measurable benefits have you seen?

These things are always hard to fully quantify. There has certainly been good feedback in the employee satisfaction survey, and our employee satisfaction results have seen significant improvement.

We have also had examples of new employees posting on LinkedIn some fanmail they have received, saying what a great company Rivus is to work for.


The support we have received from My Staff Shop has been excellent, both during launch and ongoing. Anything raised is quickly and efficiently dealt with. Throughout, my account manager has always been available and has been a fantastic support.

Processes have been clear, training has been provided, and support with communications has been great. My Staff Shop ran specific webinars for the discount platform to support the launch and also for budget holders for the Reward & Recognition platform. The result has seen 66% of employees sign into the platform so far.

James Drewry Head of Payroll & Reward Rivus Fleet Solutions
James Drewry
Head of Payroll & Reward

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