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Employee long service awards

Celebrate career milestones & retain key employees.

Boosting staff morale,
retaining good employees

Celebrating a key milestone is important to any company, when the business starts, moving to new premises etc. It is common for a business to mark the occasion, even publish it on their website! For an employee, there are similar milestones which if properly used serves to both thank the employee and motivate their colleagues.

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A job often defines a person

“What do you do?” is often the first question that we’re asked when meeting someone. The second question is “where do you work?”! Our job is what defines us outside our immediate friends & families. It also acts as a signpost in our lives. If you have been at a company for a number of years the employee certainly knows it, acknowledgement of time served by management benefits the entire workforce.

Trickle-down Benefits

Rewarding long service should be a celebration not only for the employee but for the company. Businesses that have been trading for five, ten or even twenty-five years are in the minority. Having a member of staff qualified for long service should also act as a fillip for the organisation. 

Long service awards also motivate the colleagues of the recipient. It demonstrates that the company values and appreciates you for your service. Colleagues see the awardee length of time with the company as the norm, promoting a sense of continuity within an organisation.

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Choosing the Right Reward

What you want to give as a long service award will vary depending on budget, the employee and the length of time in service. The rewards can be in the form of a tax-free voucher which the employee can spend however they choose.

Whatever the circumstance, the My Staff Shop employee reward platform gives you the freedom and control to decide on the what, how and when to give the award. 

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