Employee Long Service Awards

Celebrate career milestones and retain key employees.

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Boosting staff morale

Commending significant landmark achievements is important to any company – it could be when the business starts, expanding, securing major clients, to name a few. In ticking these goals off the list, businesses often mark the occasion publicly.

When it comes to employees, there are similar milestones which if properly used, serve to both recognise and reward the employee and motivate their colleagues. If it’s common knowledge that the company values loyalty and long-service, people are more likely to stick around to reap the rewards.

What’s more, if staff have good things to say about working for the business long-term, this secures a strong reputation and promotes a feeling of consistency within the workplace.

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Preserving key employees

Rewarding loyalty is crucial to holding on to those dedicated long service staff, as if their hard work and breakthrough achievements are noticed, they will feel validated and valued.

Long service awards are a win-win – happy permanent employees are likely to stick around even longer, a feat that is becoming increasingly rare in today’s climate. Employees staying for five, ten, even twenty years is a huge achievement and should be applauded appropriately.

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Choosing the Right Reward

What you want to give as a long service award will vary depending on budget, the employee, and the length of time in service. For example, staff rewards can be in the form of a tax-free voucher that the employee can spend however they choose.

Whatever the circumstance, the My Staff Shop employee reward platform gives you the freedom to decide on what, how, and when to give the award. To find out what tailor-made reward service is best for you, why not talk to our experts?
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Ideal Long Service Solution

Our Long Service Reward & Recognition scheme offers a flexible low-administration platform for Long Service Awards. This platform ensures that employees feel deeply valued and appreciated for their length of service, boosting their loyalty and commitment.

By integrating our Long Service Awards, you can effectively celebrate long-serving employees, creating a supportive workplace atmosphere where contributions are consistently recognised and valued. This approach not only enhances retention but also reinforces a positive work environment.
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Want to have all these benefits?

Our experience plays an important role in improving staff retention, improving the quality and volume of candidates applying for roles.

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Don’t use this form if you are an employee and have a query about your account, gift cards, orders or anything else. Please contact us here.

Don’t use this form if you are an employee and have a query about your account, gift cards, orders or anything else. Please contact us here.

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