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Financial Recognition

Make the most from your individual incentives

Make your bonus go further

There’s nothing worse than working hard all day, only to bring home a payslip that does not reflect all that effort. 

When you pay your employees well, and offer them financial incentives for performance, innovation, or length of employment, they feel valued. It is satisfying for your employees to know that their work makes a real difference, a difference that’s worth paying for.

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Acknowledging employee achievement

There is a saying that “people will always work harder when they know they are appreciated,” and research backs it up.

Productive employees

Most employers want their employees to be happy because happy colleagues are productive employees. In addition a satisfied employee is less prone to absenteeism and more likely to promote the company to friends and family.

Ideal solution

My Staff Shop’s Reward & Recognition scheme helps you develop a culture of appreciation where your employees feel valued for the work they do. Reward and recognition schemes should motivate, engage and encourage positive behaviours amongst your staff. The best programmes send a clear message that your organisation recognises an individual’s, or a team’s, hard work throughout the year.

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My Staff Shop has all the tools to enable you to implement your company’s reward & recognition strategy.

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