Top tips for boosting morale in the office

'Top tips for boosting morale in the office' written over image of four young employees at desk on computers
There’s no shortage of challenges that recent years have brought, with the pandemic, cost of living crisis, and industrial action being the major talking points that have shaken things up for the UK. With everything up in the air, times have been tough, and people coming in to work with things on their mind is inevitable. Maintaining a positive atmosphere in the office isn’t always easy, but having a good team bond and checking in on your employees is the best way to do this. Read on for some inspiration on how to uplift employee morale.

Encourage honest feedback

If you can feel a slump in the office mood, the best way you can address it is to find out why people might be feeling low at work. Is it workload stress, personal issues, financial pressures, even a toxic work culture? Talking directly with HR can be overwhelming for some, but with anonymous feedback surveys and suggestion boxes, your team can feel like they have a voice when it comes to work. Give your employees the opportunity to express what they feel can be improved or added, and they’ll feel valued as part of the company.

Recognising and rewarding

When we’ve done a good job, it’s always nice to receive praise. Slogging away continuously with no reward or recognition in sight can be demotivating, so having a suitable reward scheme in place is a huge plus. Verbal praise, email acknowledgements, and staff rewards are a welcome ‘thank you’, that show appreciation for your employees. Financial rewards and employee perks are a huge incentive, not to be overlooked especially during times of economic instability. 

Useful everyday benefits

While the fancy perks and luxury benefits are always a nice touch, most people appreciate the everyday rewards that help to make life that bit more convenient. Supermarket discounts and local deals are just a few of the practical benefits that you can get through My Staff Shop. By facilitating genuinely helpful reward schemes that can be used daily, your employees will have a continuous positive association with your company.

Healthy and social work culture

Having a good atmosphere at work is no small feat – sometimes it’s just luck with compatible social dynamics, and sometimes it’s a sustained effort and excellent communication between managers and HR, and the employees. Building up a happy office culture and good team relationship isn’t always straightforward.

Socialisation and workplace bonding are fundamental to having a strong team. It doesn’t have to be weekly excursions outside the office but being able to uphold a pleasant conversation is important. Toxic or competitive cultures can kill any friendly relationship between employees, so encouraging time spent as a team makes for a more comfortable space. Whether it’s investing in a foosball table for the break room, implementing 10 minute breaks and trying out some new crafts and quizzes, or organising monthly meet-ups for fun activities like escape rooms, mini golf, and bowling, it’s a strong move to build up the team bond, whilst also giving staff a breather away from their tasks.

Safe space

Mental health and wellbeing are topics that are finally getting the attention they deserve, and with good reason. People feeling like their workplace is a safe space and their best interests are a priority is a massive win for employers. Places of work should feel comfortable for employees, and ensuring that there is a point of contact to discuss personal or professional issues with a sense of empathy will ensure that your staff feel looked after.

What’s more, undergoing staff training surrounding mental health can be a really positive and eyeopening experience, as well as making employees feel that their mental health is taken seriously. Removing stigma, opening the conversation, and creating a supportive community are meaningful to modern work culture.

Having wellbeing services available to colleagues can shift the energy to becoming a more constructive and supportive environment, so it’s well worth looking into the resources you could make available to your team.

Boosting staff morale especially during uncertain times can be an arduous process, but by being patient and looking at what you’re offering to motivate employees is a good start. Contact us today to speak to our friendly advisors and learn more about the My Staff Shop employee reward platform, and we can tailor a scheme to suit your needs

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