Stress Awareness Month – Employee wellbeing initiative

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This month is Stress Awareness Month, and managing all the things that life throws your way is not always easy. One in 14 UK adults feel stressed every single day, and this is on the rise. From responsibilities at home to tense work deadlines, it can be hard for some people to keep their heads above the water. Often employees feel like they have nowhere to go to help relieve some of these stresses without feeling like a burden to their employers. 39% of employees asked in a recent survey said they felt fear that they would be judged negatively if they were to open up about their mental health. It is time companies transform this narrative, and offering employee wellbeing assistance will help your team grow stronger, and relieve some of the pressures they may be facing.

Employee wellbeing is not just about mental health, but it is an important factor to think about when considering what your organisation is offering to employees. It is suggested that almost 13% of all sickness absence days in the UK can be attributed to mental health conditions. Because of this, Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) are now vital in the modern workplace.

EAPs can provide assistance in many areas of life. Not only can employees access help from counsellors and bypass long waitlists, but they can also receive legal support and money and budgeting assistance. But it’s important to pair this external assistance with internal support. Management can offer regular meetings or encourage open-door policies to talk to their employees about any issues they are having, without judgement. Setting the tone for a productive but understanding environment will make sure problems are not swept under the carpet, and the business and its employees can thrive.

Investing in a strong employee wellbeing programme not only relieves employee’s individual stresses, but also the company’s in general. Stress within the workforce can cause long-term absences and a decrease in productivity and overall morale, leaving businesses with an underperforming team, and more pressure to achieve results that without help, would be left uncompleted. And it’s not just beneficial to your current employees. A well-rounded wellness programme can attract prospective employees. For so many people, their career is not just about their pay, but the environment and opportunities a business has. After all, the majority of their time each day will be spent at work, and having wellbeing assistance readily available is an attractive offering. 

Ensure what your organisation is offering to staff will hit the mark on exactly what matters the most to your employees. Make sure your staff wellness package is tailored to meet the needs of your specific business; whether it be an EAP, health insurance or financial support. It has been reported that the rate of women who suffer from work-related stress is 25% higher than that of men. So make sure that everyone’s voice in your company is being heard when discussing ways to combat stress in the workplace, and communicate effectively with your employees about the most pressing issues that they need addressing. It is not always about what is offered, it’s also about taking the time to understand your employees’ specific needs and encouraging them to open up and feel respected, and ultimately, that they are receiving the help they may need.

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