Supermarket savings: one of the best employee benefits

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Finding the best employee benefits for your staff is key to aiding retention and satisfaction for your team. There are so many types of benefits you can offer, but what are some of the most valued? Looking at everyday problems and peeves that employees are facing outside of the workplace, cost of living is a biggie.

Inflation in the supermarkets has all of our jaws on the floor, and getting that weekly shop done seems to be getting more expensive with every visit to the shops – and is only due to get worse!

Shy of providing your whole workforce with a pay rise (which in most cases isn’t viable), supermarket discounts for employees gives them the chance to save on everyday spending is the next best thing. So what exactly could you offer to employees in terms of supermarket discounts?

Favourite supermarkets

Everyone has their favourite shops. Whether that’s due to price, location, or quality of produce, we all dabble with different supermarkets. As one size does not fit all, providing employee discounts for a wide variety of stores is the best way to ensure that your employees will get the maximum impact from their benefits. Sounds like a win, right?

The most commonly used Supermarkets in the UK include the likes of Tesco, Asda, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Iceland, Waitrose and more!

Budget friendly shopping

There’s two big supermarkets that so many people use to save on their groceries – Aldi and Lidl. Few discount schemes offer these shops within their savings programmes, but with My Staff Shop, you can either receive a discount or save up with our virtual currency, Reward Beans.

So on top of the endless sea of savings these two supermarket giants offer, employees using our Platform can save even more money.

Discounts or reward beans

The two ways that employees can save at supermarkets with My Staff Shop are through discounts when shopping, or by collecting Reward Beans, which can accumulate and later be spent as gift vouchers or cards across a huge variety of stores and services.

Or, using Reward Beans, employees also have the option to transfer savings into an ISA, towards a savings goal, or even to donate to a charity. In essence, Reward Beans can build up to a nice nest egg to put towards a holiday or rain day savings.

How much is saved?

So how much can actually be saved? Through the use of My Staff Shop, an average family of four could save up to £1,000 a year – all while sticking to the same shopping habits! The only difference is adding the step of using the My Staff Shop portal, which within a few taps can have your employees saving cash on everyday purchases.

Learn more about Discounts and Savings with a free demo from our friendly team.

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