10 ways to reward your staff

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The last 5 years have been disruptive to normal work life. Nearly 60% of employees report they are stressed at their jobs every day: so to keep your employees happy and motivated, reward them with something that shows them their organisation really cares about their welfare and success. 37% said that personal recognition would encourage them to produce better work, so take a look at some top staff reward ideas that will make your employees love their jobs:

Invest in your employee’s futures

Investing in employees’ education and development is a great way to show your support and dedication to their growth within your organisation. Offering help for your employees to advance not only is a great way to reward hard work, but will help with staff retention, and attract people into your business whilst building a strong brand for your business.

Reward and recognition

No one person is exactly the same: that’s why it is important to have a variety of reward schemes on offer for employees. Offering employee discount schemes support your workforce with their everyday needs, or a great saving on something more special. Long services awards commend employees whose dedication to your company deserves to be celebrated. A physical or financial reward can show your businesses pride for its employees, incentivising them to stay with you, and lifting the morale of your long serving team members.

WFH options

The workplace landscape has changed and providing flexible working is a great way to show your employees you’re keeping up with the times. 65% of workers said they would be more productive working from home than in a company office. Offering the option to work where your employees feel the most efficient can help your employees output, and help with their childcare or home life needs too.

Offer EAP/wellbeing

Nothing is more important than your employee’s physical and mental health. A recent survey suggests that in the past two years over two thirds of UK employees have experienced a health issue, long-term condition, or disability. So it is essential to offer a strong wellbeing package to support your colleagues. Protecting the physical and mental wellbeing of employees not only will help keep absences low and productivity high, but shows your employees your priorities are in the right place.

Birthdays off

Give your workers the perfect present: paid time off! Offering an extra day of annual leave to be taken around their birthday is a great way to promote a healthy and appreciative working environment. An extra day off also helps your employees wellbeing. Employee’s can relax and enjoy their special day the way they wish to celebrate it, and will appreciate this more than the traditional ‘bring your own cake in’ option.

Bringing in food/treats

They say food is the way to the heart, so consider bringing in a treat every so often for your hardworking employees. Introducing a communal ‘order in’ day can help build relationships in your office, and reward your team with a boost of energy. Bringing in healthy snacks for colleagues can also encourage wellness and healthy eating habits, whilst also being a cost effective bonus.

Peer to Peer Recognition

Offering Peer to Peer recognition can help build a community within your workforce. Having their colleagues congratulate them on a job well done can help create a sense of comradery, and be recognised for work that may slip under the radar normally. What may seem like a small gesture can increase motivation, and encourage employees to highlight those that are pushing your company forward.

Pet friendly office

Having dogs at work can boost your employees moods, encourages beneficial screen breaks & helps relieve employees of the worries of leaving their pets at home. Of course you’ll need to make sure all employees are on board with this idea and that all necessary precautions are taken, but with 1 in 2 UK adults open to a dog-friendly work space, allowing four legged friends can be a welcome decision.

Get the tunes on!

It may seem simple but allowing music in the office can be a real treat. Having a backing soundtrack to a work day can help bring joy to your office. Consider mixing up the radio stations each day to keep the music varied, or create a communal Spotify playlist for employees to add their favourite songs. Apart from maybe a few pitchy singers amongst the workforce, Music can help block out other distractions, all while keeping morale high.

Salary Sacrifice

Salary Sacrifices have skyrocketed in popularity amongst businesses recently. From cycle to work to electric car schemes, it’s a great way to help your employees get the transport they need without having to break the bank. These schemes also encourage improving physical health and environmental consciousness; which will help your business be a forward thinking, innovative place to work.



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