Why should you be thinking about an EAP?

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Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) are something you may hear thrown around occasionally in the HR-sphere but are they that big of a deal? The answer is yes, especially given the increased interest in health and wellness in more recent years. With the public seeing a surge in awareness surrounding mental health and wellbeing, more and more employees are asking “so what are your company doing about it?”. This sentiment is reflected in surveys: 1 in 3 employees feel that company support for mental health was inadequate, and 87% of employees would be more likely to leave a job if it does not support their wellbeing. And it’s not just mental health, EAPs offer support and advice through a range of issues.

Money management assistance

With people suffering the impacts of inflation and a cost of living crisis for the last few years, financial wellbeing is more important now than ever. Scraping together savings and maintaining the same lifestyle as years previous but on a tighter budget, has meant most of us have had to reevaluate our spending habits.

Financial wellbeing is a key skill that is never formally taught to most. Having access to resources that help with budgeting and money management can be a huge help to staff. From financial consultations to Reward Beans for investing in an ISA, My Staff Shop offers up support to aid employee financial wellbeing.

Legal support

While no one wants to experience issues that require legal services, sometimes it’s an inevitability. Such services can be expensive, so being able to have a bit of a leg up in these areas can be a big relief. Having access to a free legal advice service can guide your employees down the right path, saving them time and money in the process. Big life events and difficult times can be daunting to face alone, so that’s why we ensure that legal support is included on our platform.

Career coaching

Employees studying for professional qualifications or further education may feel the need for further support, with additional workload on top of their career adding to existing stress. Providing your staff with that bit of extra help when they may need it can be reassuring. Having an EAP with career advice resources and access to a counsellor is a good way to show your people that there’s somewhere to go when they have questions or concerns regarding their professional or personal education.


While having a child is an exciting time for new parents, it’s no walk in the park! Any extra support and compassion when it comes to raising a child will be appreciated. From written resources and counselling to discounts on clothing and toys, our platform offers up a range of relevant perks and advice to parents and guardians.

Health and Wellbeing

This may be one of the first things that comes to mind when thinking of an EAP. Health and wellbeing should be a key focus for employers, not only because we all want to be surrounded by a happy, healthy office, but an estimated 17 million days are lost each year due to work-related stress, anxiety and depression. When you aren’t your best physically or mentally it’s hard to show up and give it your best, and this shows in the data! Having resources handy and access to a counsellor can provide answers and reassurance when it’s needed most, especially when access to private healthcare can be so expensive.

To learn more about how an EAP can aid your staff, you can contact us for a demo and see the benefits for yourself.

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