Why one size doesn’t fit all with employee benefits

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It goes without saying that not every workplace is the same. Nor is every employee the same. Therefore when it comes to benefits they should fit the needs of your people, right? According to the organisation Get Living, nearly three quarters of employees (73%) want a more tailored benefits package, so the proof really is in the pudding when it comes to bespoke employee benefits.

Why is it important to have a tailored benefits package?

Different workplaces can have different demographics, and often workplaces are a mix of people. Whereas one employee may lean towards discounts and health benefits, others may be more interested in leisure and lifestyle. No two people are the same, but there will often be more popular choices within the workplace.

One thing that all employees want is to feel heard. Feeling like their needs are being met and they are being acknowledged by their company can be empowering for them as individuals as well as a team. In fact, 82% of employees say that it’s important for their employers to see them as not just an employee, but a person. A key way to build this trust and employer-employee bond is to give them a return on their hard work in ways other than just their salary.

What types of benefits can I offer?

Enter My Staff Shop. Our priority is finding the best way to reward employees with meaningful benefits. By offering a huge range of discounts, from learning courses to supermarket shops, there will be something for everyone.

So how is this tailored? Well, you can add-on benefits to better suit employee needs. For employees that would like access to further healthcare benefits, MyHealthXtras is there to offer that extra support when it comes to health concerns. Having that added assistance there is just one less thing to worry about when going through difficult times.

Another fabulous benefit that you can add if you think your staff would value it is Spectrum, a platform that puts mental health and wellbeing first. With reports of such high levels of stress in the workplace – 76% of professionals from the Workplace Health Report – evidently there is a need for further wellbeing benefits. Spectrum has a wide selection of tools, from a digital gym to video sessions with a nutritionist, the aid in reaching health goals and prioritising mental health is there.

There are also options that individual employees can use to personalise their benefits. For example, with Reward Beans your staff can choose how to save or spend! Save for a holiday, treat yourself to a gift card, or set up an ISA to help reach those financial goals. However employees want to save a bit of extra money is up to them to decide!


The best employee benefits package is the one that fits your employees. To find out more, request a free demo and see for yourself just how great the My Staff Shop platform is. 

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