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Why join My Staff Shop?

There’s a lot of buzz around employee benefits platforms, but if you cut through the noise, what are the actual perks on offer? 2023 data from The Business Blocks has shown that more than half of employees surveyed would leave their jobs to pursue jobs with better benefits.

While it would be ideal to give everyone a significant pay rise and offer copious paid holiday days, realistically most businesses do not run this way. Benefits seem like the route to take then, right? But what will you get back from using My Staff Shop in your workplace? Let’s break down some of the perks…

Helping employees save

With the cost of living crisis and inflation causing financial strain for most people, offering perks that can ease money worries is a game changer. A key benefit that your people will have access to through My Staff Shop is exclusive discounts and savings for a multitude of high street shops and the top UK supermarkets. By saving money here and there, your employees can also choose to use our digital currency of Reward Beans to save for a holiday or even contribute to an ISA.

There are also the more fun financial perks, such as our exciting monthly lottery that helps save a bit of pocket change on that weekly lottery ticket, and the Dutch Auction-style Price Drop could get you an amazing saving on something you were already considering purchasing.

Prioritising health and wellbeing

We are big on both physical and mental health, so providing staff with wellbeing support, physical health digital platforms and discounts, and Reward Beans when using nutritional support are just a few of the health benefits we give.

You can also choose to add-on My Health Xtras to your benefits package for insurance, private health services, treatments not available on the NHS, and financial assistance in the event of a hospital stay.

Having an EAP there for support

Employee Assistance Programmes can offer a safety net and that extra level of help beyond what may be accessible in the workplace. From counselling to financial advice and legal resources, there are services in place for when there are obstacles that employees need help overcoming.

Around 88% of UK employers use an EAP, and although not every single employee may use it, having it there for when times are difficult can be a huge weight off the shoulders.

Opportunities for growth and learning

Feeling like there is no progression or development can be a killer when it comes to passion and enjoyment, both generally and professionally. Learning and Development within the workplace should be taken seriously, as there are so many skills that are transferable.

Whether it’s a digital skill or management mentorship, there are heavily discounted courses through My Staff Shop. Even for skills such as cooking or learning a new language, by enabling employees to gain new confidence, they will have positive associations between their latest skill and the company that facilitated for them to do so.

The importance of Employee Value Proposition

As a company, one of the most important aspects of the business is your brand. And this goes for not just public facing branding as a business, but also the reputation as an employer. With such keen interest in ethical and compassionate employers in recent years, taking control of the narrative and showing current and potential employees that you care can do wonders for staff retention

Sound good? Why not try a demo and see just how extensive and valuable our benefits are.

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