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The art of making employees feel seen

In a hectic and lively office, it is not always easy for an individual to be seen. When deadlines are tight, or companies enter their busy periods, it can often feel like there is no time to voice thoughts and solutions, and when the pressure is on, it may be easier to blend into the background. But the opposite is true: in a study from The Workforce Institute, 74% of employees are more effective at their job when they feel they are listened to, and 71% feel they would be more comfortable to share ideas in the future. So how can companies create an encouraging environment, and boost productivity?

Using reward and recognition to support employees

There isn’t a one size fits all approach to achieving an open and supportive workplace. Each team works differently, and holds different strengths and gaps in their abilities. Consider how your teams react to certain issues in your office; how do they solve these problems? This can be the key to unlocking how they want their voices to be heard. Reward and Recognition programmes can make your employee’s feel proud of their achievements, and have a tangible impression of how their management sees their work.

One example of this is through Fanmail. A quick note to tell employees a specific task or role they played was appreciated can boost morale, and encourage them to keep up the momentum. Fanmail can also be used as a peer to peer tool, helping to form bonds within your team, and fuelling a positive and friendly office. This employee recognition is also good for the business as a whole. Companies are 88% more likely to perform well financially when their employees feel seen and engaged with, fostering a successful environment all members of the team can benefit from!

Putting the ‘M’ in ‘Motivation’

Rewards are also not always applicable to all staff members. Motivation is not always down to a monetary incentive, so presenting tailor-made employee benefits to your team in many forms can cover all your employees needs and requirements. So be considerate that one person’s preference may not go down well with another colleague. Offering a varied employee benefits package makes sure all employees can be rewarded with something that will interest them. In uncertain times due to the cost of living crisis, giving your employees the choice on where to spend their reward can help relieve some of the pressure, and also show that their company has their best interests at heart.

Feedback, feedback, feedback!

Employee surveys can help companies hold on to their best people, as retention of your talent is more affordable and efficient than hiring new members of staff. These surveys can generate important information relating to your team, and open up a dialogue between management and their employees. Whether it’s insights into morale, workloads or the management as a whole, these anonymous forms can help the more shy or quiet colleagues, who in other circumstances may not feel comfortable voicing their thoughts, be seen just as much as their more confident and outgoing peers.

Make sure to hold space for those personal moments too. If a member of staff wishes to discuss things not relating to work, allow them the time to discuss these matters. Don’t press them to disclose personal information, but if given freely, it could make all the difference to your employee and allow them to feel respected by their management. Everyone wants to feel valued at work; and by creating an environment in which your employees can be viewed not only as a team member but as an individual, will help evaluate and solve specific problems quickly and with care.

Keeping employees happy is not just as simple as a quick ‘how’re you doing’: 34% of employees said they would rather quit or change roles than voice concerns with their management, so in many cases, introspection of the businesses practices will help change attitudes. It is important to look inwards about what your organisation itself is doing to form working relationships with its team, and making sure there are the foundations in place to help support employees growth and help them succeed within the business.

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