Healthcare Benefits – are they worth it?

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Our health is one of the most valuable things that we have, and employees feel this way too! Not only are healthcare benefits among the most popular for employers to offer, but HIVE360 found that health and wellbeing support with 24/7 access to a personal doctor was the number one employee benefit for 48% of UK workers last year. While it will cost more to provide healthcare benefits to staff, as it is arguably one of the most important extras you can offer, it can be well worth the investment.

Unfortunately, only two-thirds (66%) of employees believe their employers care about their health and wellbeing, presenting a gap filled with staff feeling as though their health is not a priority at their workplace. Showing compassion and care is not just about talking the talk, but being sure that you walk the walk too. Not only this, but with better access to healthcare resources, you’ll likely see fewer sick days taken. So, what types of health and wellbeing benefits can you offer staff to show that their health matters?

Healthcare Insurance

One of the first things that will probably come to mind when thinking about employee health benefits is Health Insurance. With long waiting lists through the NHS and some treatments still costing money, having that bit of extra support with healthcare costs can help to ease concerns during difficult times. Seeking a second opinion through private doctors or easing the financial strain during a hospital stay can be a big reassurance for employees; options such as a hospital cash plan can be a great relief.

Of course not every workplace will have an entire workforce of people wanting healthcare benefits, so finding flexible healthcare solutions may be an attractive option for your company. Through My Staff Shop, you can offer your employees My Health Xtras insurance, with different packages depending on your needs.

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs)

Offering up an EAP to employees is a great way to provide staff with an outlet to talk about personal issues and seek advice without having to divulge personal problems to management or HR. Whether for help with financial wellbeing, legal advice, or counselling sessions, giving employees access to a support network can help to ease troubles that may arise outside of the workplace. From online chat resources to wellbeing articles, having that place to go before needing to discuss private matters with employers can make staff feel much more comfortable.

Gym and healthy eating discounts

Health benefits of course don’t exclusively mean medical care and hospital stays, and offering up perks that can help your staff with their lifestyle are normally appreciated. Gym memberships are a biggie, so having a bit of money off of a monthly contract can all add up. Gyms aren’t always the best exercise option for everyone, but getting in some daily activity and movement can still be a priority. With live instructed workouts and online fitness plans being a great way to exercise without the public environment of the gym, having discounts or Reward Beans for these services are also a win!

There’s been a sharp increase in the use of meal subscription services in recent years, and this makes for a fantastic option for families or people that lack free time who still want to prioritise eating fresh, well-balanced meals. Saving money is high on most people’s lists with current economic pressure, so any extra savings on top of existing subscriptions or memberships is a big plus.

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