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Using our digital and reloadable gift cards

So you’ve just started with My Staff Shop and you’re excited to show your colleagues and employees their brand new benefits platform. But where do you start? Well, the easiest and most effective way to start saving is finding all the best deals with our discounted gift cards and cashback offers, and here’s what you need to know.

Learn to shop smart! 

The cost of living crisis has affected almost every sector in the UK. Around 62% of Adults in Great Britain said that they were spending less on non-essentials because of the increase in the cost of living. But using My Staff Shop’s discounted gift cards for your employees can help stretch their budgets further. MSS is the perfect tool for first time budgeters, or those who are already savvy savers.

Buying one of our discounted reloadable gift cards means you can top your cards up on pay day with what you need for the month, making sure you know exactly what you have left to spend in other areas of life. Or if you prefer a digital wallet, you can purchase digital gift cards instantly, so no matter where you are, or what you need, you and your employees know they can grab a discount right at the checkout. Don’t forget to check the daily offers to supercharge your discounts. 

Shopping using cashback links is also a great way to save money, with minimal effort. My Staff Shop offers an extensive list of great cashback offers to earn Reward Beans with; Big brand favourites, sustainable retailers and small businesses can be found on the platform, with the brilliant potential of earning Reward Beans, just from buying what you already had your mind set on! Each time you use a cashback link, you then can save up your Reward Beans. Then use them to make purchases on your account, grabbing bargains with just a few clicks! 

Reward what matters most 

Another way to help your colleagues and employees through this is through Reward & Recognition. Offering them the opportunity to then spend their My Staff Shop Reward Beans earnt through rewards will give them the freedom to put the money to what matters to them. For some, it will be getting a free week of food shopping done. For others, it can take some of the weight off a hefty high price purchase, or the reward can be used for a well deserved treat. The benefit to offering R&R is knowing their reward for a job well done will be exactly what they need, rather than an empty gesture. 

It’s all about adjusting your shopping habits to make room for your My Staff Shop account. Next time you are at the till, or scrolling for hours online shopping, log into your My Staff Shop account first, and make sure you and your employees’ pounds go further, and let My Staff Shop do all the work! 

Check out our X (Twitter) feed for the latest deals and offers and to learn more about what My Staff Shop can do for your employees, book a free demo with our friendly advisors.

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