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Top Tips for recruitment

Struggling to attract the talent your company needs? Finding difficulty in replacing a diamond of an employee that is moving on? Trawling through tons of applications that don’t fit the bill? Recruitment can be a tricky task, but there are some steps you can take to engage a thriving candidate pool and improve your chances of finding the right fit. 


This one is key to ensuring that you end up with candidates that fit the requirements. This is a win-win, as candidates don’t want to waste time applying for jobs that they won’t even be considered for, and for those recruiting, the fewer ill-fitting applications, the less time-consuming the process! Communicate clearly what is required, expected, and provided to make sure you don’t end up with an interview list full of candidates that aren’t suitable.


On that note, no one wants to spend hours on an application just to learn that the salary won’t cover their living costs. People may pass up the opportunity to apply for a role if the salary, hours, holiday, and benefits aren’t openly disclosed in the job ad. Being transparent about the timeline of the hiring process is also a must: 83% of candidates prefer to have a clear timeline. Be sure to be upfront and honest in your ad to avoid missing out on top talent! 

Valuing unteachable skills 

While there is undoubtedly a checklist of skills and experience when it comes to the hiring process, sometimes there is a balance between existing skills and the right person. For example, you may find someone that comes along with the right values, work ethic, and attitude who is a quick learner; they may not have the exact skillset or full desired experience, but if you have the time and resources to teach them, over time they may become a huge asset to the company. 


It’s not just about what you post, where you post the ad matters too. Of course all of the usual job posting sites are a must, but don’t underestimate the power of socials. LinkedIn is great for networking and connecting, as well as job posting. If your company has Facebook and Instagram accounts, be sure to post on there too! You never know if you may miss out on the perfect candidate otherwise.


Branding and reputation can go a long way when it comes to recruitment; nobody wants a string of negative reviews attached to their business! One way you can work on this from the inside is by focusing on your Employee Value Proposition, so potential employees know what they will get in return for their hard work. By clearly communicating employee benefits and ensuring that they are desirable perks, you can ensure that you’re attracting skilled candidates.


Speaking of communicating benefits, it’s important to make sure that they’re something worth shouting about! If you offer highly valued perks that provide advantages in everyday life, people will be more inclined to apply. Not only this, you can also improve retention rates and keep long service employees around.

Benefits that build goodwill these days tend to be hybrid working, health and wellbeing resources and financial perks. To learn more about what benefits employees really want, you can read our full blog.

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