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The Need for Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs)

There are plenty of stressing factors that people experience in daily life, both inside and outside of work. From mental health struggles to financial strain, when external difficulties are going on, it’s hard not to bring the stress into work.

It makes sense then, that Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs) exist. While there is only so much that can be done to alleviate stress for employees outside of the workplace, an EAP can provide that extra employee support.

And with a usage figure for EAPs of 12% in 2022, evidently employees are utilising this additional resource. So what exactly is included in an Employee Assistance Programme like My Staff Shop has?

Crucial Advice

As much as you may want to help in a situation where employees are going through a tough time, it isn’t always appropriate, and you may not be qualified to give advice. Whether it’s reassuring words or professional guidance, having a third-party to assist and support relieve a lot of stress that staff are experiencing.

EAPs can offer employees a variety of experts to consult with on specific life experiences and events, from Education Support to Career Coaching. Sometimes talking to a professional can get you on track in no time!

Support Financial Welbeing

The impact of the cost of living crisis has been felt by many in the UK, and as such 7.4 million adults across the country are struggling to pay bills. Inflation, increased energy bills, hiked rental costs, and ever-rising house prices have meant that 1 in 3 people with these worries had been anxious in the last two weeks (in 2023).

Managing finances is a difficult issue to discuss with superiors, and when salary increases aren’t possible, the next best thing is financial guidance. Financial wellbeing can prevent stress for employees, so it makes sense to equip staff with access to financial wellbeing services; from resources accessible 24/7 to money management webinars.

Access to Counselling

Access to counselling in the UK comes with barriers like extensive NHS waiting lists and high costs for private sessions. Whether it’s for help in coping with mental health issues, bereavement, difficult life events, or any other personal struggles, having a professional to talk to can help the individual to get through difficult times.

A key service within EAPs is counselling, and this being included within the employee benefits package is definitely a plus.

Providing Legal aid

Unfortunately for many people, seeking legal aid is necessary for their circumstances at some point in life. As this can be expensive, any extra help where possible can ease the uncertainty and worry they may be experiencing.

Navigating any legal processes is a stressful enough situation to be in, so having the reassurance that their workplace provides access to EAP resources is a win.


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