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Staff retention in an ever changing climate

With job hopping being one of the biggest recent problems for HR, the question on everyone’s lips is, how do I keep my current staff? Not only is retaining staff more cost effective than re-hiring, but it saves on time, helps longer-term working relationships to be built, and means less training. So it makes sense that keeping employees around for the long-run is desirable.

Let’s talk salary

One of the main things that can either keep employees around or have them searching for jobs elsewhere, it’s key that their salary reflects their experience, education, time, and job role. It only takes minutes to look online and see if similar job titles are offering up a pay hike, so to prevent your people from getting curious about greener grass, ensure fair wages. This salary should also be flexible to increase, if higher responsibility and more roles are taken on.

Vibes, vibes, vibes

Office culture is a biggie, and anyone experiencing a hostile or unfriendly working environment is unlikely to hang about for long. But office culture doesn’t just mean avoiding nasty coworkers, culture includes a comprehensive DEI policy, encouraging a healthy work/life balance, socialising, and many other aspects of everyday working life.

Employee loyalty can’t always just be bought, so while reaching salary expectations is important, as is cultivating a culture of support, socialisation and positivity. With Gen Z and younger millennials making up more and more of the workforce, this is also an aspect of work life that is increasingly valued by younger staff.

Thank you!

Receiving a thank you for hard work is something that keeps us going during difficult times. Putting in the effort and hours feels worth it when there is gratitude on the other end. It goes both ways too, as adequately rewarded employees are more likely to stay around for longer, amongst many other benefits. Thankless work can be demoralising, and wear staff down over time. Remember to say (and show) gratitude to employees and you will see the boost in workplace motivation.

The only way is up

While some people are happy to stay at the same level in the workplace, many of us are motivated by progression. The promise that we will have opportunities to climb into more senior positions along with time and experience gained, as well as being offered training courses to help facilitate this development is one way that employers can show they care about their employees. Promotions and upgrading job titles (along with wages) are a great motivating factor for giving employees a sense of company loyalty, as well as helping to improve the company’s EVP.

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