On course for success: why offering learning courses to employees is a must

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In most people’s jobs, looking for progression and development is paramount for a happy and fulfilling career. However when some employers hear this; alarm bells sound. They start to think that professional development will lead employees to move on to greener pastures. But the opposite is often the case. In a recent study, 66% of UK employees said that they would actually consider leaving their job if the Learning and Development offered to help with career development was scrapped. So what can companies offer for their employee’s development to help them stick around, and simultaneously improve the business as a whole? 

Hola, oportunidad!

Learning a language is a key skill many Brits lack. Only 6% are proficient in a second language, making the UK one least linguistic places in Europe. Providing discounted courses for employees to develop their language skills, or pick up a completely new language opens doors not only for the individual, but for the company too. Having members of a team with fluent or intermediate skills in a language can give businesses the chance to build relationships with companies, create contacts or even open up an international branch of the business. In a diverse and ever connected world, being able to communicate with people outside of the country can give a business the strong presence on a global scale, and provide a jumping off point for exciting opportunities otherwise trapped behind a language barrier. 

Money, Money, Money

In a time of economic uncertainty, it is no surprise 34% of UK adults feel anxious about their personal finances. It can be hard to talk about money, especially between employees and employers. Companies that provide financial education and advice show their employees’ they are committed to their success and development; whilst offering the space to seek this advice in their own time.

Financially savvy employees can help reduce stress around the workplace and improve colleagues’ overall well-being. 59% of employees believe it is important that their current employer offers support for improving financial wellbeing, so offering financial education could be key to keeping employees successful and loyal to the company. 

Future Proof your career 

Technology is rapidly changing the working world. The World Economic Forum predicts that 40% of current workers’ core skills will change by 2025, so making sure employees are acquiring new knowledge and skills is imperative to remaining competitive, current and prepared to tackle a dynamic working environment.

Artificial Intelligence may be a scary notion to some, but when understood and used correctly, it can increase performance and output, whilst reinforcing human-lead work, which will combat fears of AI replacing jobs in the near future, and reassure colleagues that their work is valued and important.  For businesses, Employee training creates a culture of innovation and progression within an organisation; Research shows that 69% of companies experienced an increase of employee growth when offering effective learning and development strategies, so embedding the importance of learning and adaptive skills within an organisation sets the tone for a strong environment in which when the company succeeds, so does its employees.

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