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Not all online benefits portals are equal – why My Staff Shop is better

So you’re looking into employee benefits platforms? Staff value employee perks that can help them everyday, so having a benefits programme in place makes for a great employee incentive. At My Staff Shop, we believe in useful benefits that people value, and offer the flexibility to choose the best benefits for your workplace. Let’s take a look at the benefits provided here at My Staff Shop.

Employee Assistance Programme

Having an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) in place can be a huge aid for staff, with counselling legal resources, and financial advice being just some of the personal support that’s provided. During difficult times, having external resources available to help can make a big difference to your team. By providing your staff with somewhere to go when they need help, problems that feel overwhelming can be reduced or even solved. We believe that having an EAP in place for employees is a critical offering.

Supermarket savings

During difficult and sustained periods of economic distress, having everyday perks for supermarkets and shops are generally appreciated. A report by the ONS showed that 90% of adults say that an increase in food shopping in early 2022 was the top reason for their cost of living going up. Discounts on the weekly supermarket shop can really add up, and being able to save a bit of money is on most people’s agendas these days.

Popular supermarkets are included within discounts and Reward Beans offers, so wherever your staff shop, they can find some savings. As much as fun and luxury items are a plus, daily costs being reduced is a genuinely helpful benefit for most people.

Health and wellness

With a focus on both physical and mental health and wellbeing, the My Staff Shop portal has a variety of tools and discounts that can assist your employee’s health journeys. From saving on the monthly gym membership to having access to discounted health programmes, there’s plenty of opportunity for members to take advantage of fabulous offers. What’s more, we’ve partnered with the digital wellbeing platform, Spectrum, to offer even more services specific to health and wellness.

Learning & Development

Progression and personal development should be opportunities available across the workplace, and by supporting and nurturing this, your office could benefit both from more fulfilled colleagues, and a more diverse skill set. With a huge range of heavily discounted courses, from British Sign Language to Adobe Illustrator, members could learn that skill they’ve always wanted to, or find something new as a passion project.

Reward Beans

Here’s where My Staff Shop is different from the rest. Our financial currency ‘Reward Beans’ is easy to save up, with the handy savings being available across a huge range of high street shops, supermarkets, health services, gym memberships, and more. Once you’ve collected some, you can cash out with a gift card or purchase – or even set up savings to go directly into your ISA.

Daily Offer

Check back daily to see what’s up for grabs, with a fabulous offer for limited time only! From free Gregg’s sausage rolls to fabulous discounts, by having a quick look each day, you could get your hands on some exclusive offers that brighten your day.


A small but powerful part of what we offer, our monthly lottery has some spectacular winnings, with previous prizes including a hot tub, new kitchen, and a car. For those that enjoy a weekly scratchcard or occasional lottery ticket, this free lottery itches that scratch; just pick some favourite numbers and save a few coins in the process.

Price Drop

This feature on the portal is similar to a Dutch auction, offering up a fantastic experience daily that drops in price until someone purchases. Huge savings could be made, with thrilling experiences offering up some inspiration for that perfect getaway. Examples of previous price drops include a spa break, hotel stay, and a bungee jump all purchased at a significant discount.

My Health Xtras

The option to add on My Health Xtras is there for employers, if healthcare is a high priority benefit for your place of work. With insurance solutions there as a safety net to support your staff, this benefit could be seen as one of the more important offerings available. In fact, 9 out of 10 employees name health as their top life priority, so having employers that take this seriously can be seen as a huge win.

If you’re ready to learn more about the My Staff Shop Platform, you can request a demo and see for yourself the amazing workplace rewards at your fingertips.
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