How to boost productivity in the workplace

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The UK workplace has undergone something of an evolution in the past five years. We have several new working practices that are becoming the norm, and as such, maintaining productivity can be a challenge for even the most experienced HR teams. Various socio-economic factors have played a part; from lack of investment in UK businesses, staff cuts, and the never ending cost of living crisis, to ongoing wars in Palestine and Ukraine.

In addition, we are now seeing up to five generations working together, all of which means that the world of employment has never been so diverse. While this can have great benefits for skills and knowledge sharing, it does, however, come with its challenges. There are things that HR can do to mitigate low morale, work-related stress and encourage greater productivity in its people.

Provide an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) to support workers

External stressors can take a toll on employee wellbeing and productivity but an EAP can offer vital support for managing stress and mental health issues. By offering confidential counselling services and resources, employees can address personal challenges, leading to improved focus and productivity at work.

Optimising workspaces

With hybrid becoming more commonplace, and remote working a viable option for many, having the correct set up for productive output is crucial. HR should be able to provide the right environment and tools for people to do their jobs effectively, so they can focus, collaborate and feel part of the team. This extends to having the appropriate amenities and ergonomic furniture.

For remote workers, creating a designated workspace free from distractions is essential for maintaining productivity levels. HR should be adhering to WFH policies, which include Health and Safety training for staff. This will help them to feel that their needs are being met as well as their safety and wellbeing.

Incentives and benefits to motivate

Motivated employees are more likely to perform at their best so offering incentives and employee benefits can boost morale and productivity. From flexible working arrangements and wellness programmes to performance bonuses and professional development opportunities, the investment is certainly worth it, and what’s more, it helps to foster a culture of engagement and high performance.

Encouraging feedback and providing recognition

A recognition solution and effective feedback systems are not just a nice-to-haves but can really help improve productivity. They can assist in identifying and addressing productivity barriers and encourage employees to provide feedback on processes, systems, and workloads. Are there inefficiencies that could be streamlined? Are workloads realistic and manageable? By actively seeking input from staff, employers can implement positive changes that enhance productivity and job satisfaction.

Similarly, showing appreciation and providing a means for employees to share their wins, mark their milestones and remind each other of a simple job well done, can boost productivity and unite employees in a culture of recognition, where they feel a sense of belonging to the organisation.

Productivity wins should always be celebrated, encouraged and communicated so having a solution in place to facilitate this offers a means of helping employers provide a better EVP – and, most importantly, improve employee output.

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