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How to boost benefit uptake

So, you’re using My Staff Shop, or thinking about it? But how do you encourage employees to make the most out of the platform and stack up big savings? One issue with employers investing in benefits is feeling that they aren’t being utilised by their employees. There’s no point spending company money on perks that no one uses, and equally staff won’t feel valued if they aren’t offered meaningful benefits. So there’s two questions you need to ask yourself. Are they benefits employees want? And has there been enough communication on how to use and access the benefits?

For the first question, take a look at our blog on what benefits employees actually want. As for the second, let’s look at how you can boost benefit uptake.

Try a tutorial 

The most important thing to help your employees to access a benefits platform is ensuring that they understand where to go and what to do. Getting everyone started with their login, and going through the platform with them is key to benefit uptake. When they know everything that’s available and how to get to those perks, they are more likely to take advantage of what is being offered. When you sign up with My Staff Shop, you will get a free demo with a friendly advisor so that you know everything there is to know. 

Feeling ‘Appy 

Smartphones have made life so much easier, and having all of the shopping apps in one place makes shopping simple. Encourage app downloads to see an increase in platform usage. No one wants to mess around trying to remember passwords and what email you signed up with. Saved passwords and a few taps to reach the platform will streamline the process and remind people to use the platform.

Take the lead

Lead by example! Sometimes people need to see proof of benefit before investing their time. Once they see evidence of financial perks, health and wellbeing benefits, and Learning and Development opportunities, there’s an incentive to give it a try. Get the savings rolling and show them off to your team to see people get inspired.

It’s all in the brands 

When it comes to discounts and savings schemes, people want to know that they apply to popular shops. Name-drop the brands and stores available to see a spark of interest ignite. My Staff Shop offers savings with the big supermarkets (even including Aldi and Lidl!), popular names on the high street, such as Primark and H&M, and even designer brands. Staff can save money on purchases at their favourite stores, whatever their preferences. 

Set a reminder

It won’t be appreciated if you’re spamming employees with incessant messages, but occasionally letting your team know about a really good deal or relevant benefit will increase the likelihood of the offers being taken up. Remind your employees about our monthly lottery and if you see a particular deal that you think will be of interest, let them know!

Helping health 

Employee health and wellbeing is a huge priority, with healthy, happy staff being more productive too. By choosing a benefits platform with an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), staff have access to more support when they need it. When Blue Monday or a particularly bad news week hits, remind your team about the EAP. Or to help support those fitness and nutrition New Year’s Resolutions or Veganuary, direct your people to the health discounts available on the platform. From gym membership discounts to savings on recipe box subscriptions, there’s something for everyone.

If you haven’t yet taken advantage of the fantastic perks with My Staff Shop, get a free demo and see how your employees can benefit.

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