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Grappling with the skills gap

While your employees may seem like the perfect hire initially, it can become apparent that certain skills just aren’t there or fully developed yet. The skills gap is more common than you’d think, with 87% of companies saying they either already have skills gaps, or anticipate this becoming an issue.

Despite an extensive education and relevant experience, there could still be key abilities missing from employees that would benefit the roles filled. One of the most valuable things an employer can give their team is skills, and this assisted learning is priceless. So how can you enrich your employees whilst providing teaching advantageous to the job and bridge the skills gap?


Learning and Development

As an adult it can be difficult to pick up new skills and having a course to facilitate learning is massively beneficial. Whether it’s hard skills, soft skills, software training, or a language, finding an appropriate teaching method is crucial to making those skills stick around for good.

At My Staff Shop, we know how important it is to offer learning opportunities for employees. For growth and progression, learning and building up knowledge can help individuals to climb the career ladder and feel a sense of purpose with their work.

Take this example, building up digital skills is hugely useful and transferable, and through the My Staff Shop Platform, members can save over £80 on the Adobe Illustrator course through the International Open Academy. Affordable and valuable, this course could provide skills that can be utilised through graphic design, content for socials, or even website design. Microsoft courses are also heavily discounted for proficiency in Microsoft Office – a highly employable skill for the learner, and a necessary skill for most offices.

Or, by taking the British Sign Language course, your employees could create a more inclusive work environment, while having a real-world communication skill that could come in handy at any time. Your team could also learn that language they’ve always wanted through Rosetta Stone, while picking up Reward Beans for financial awards: So it’s like a reward for self-improvement.

For employees hoping to step into a leadership role but lacking the confidence and experience, the Open Academy also offers management courses, so your team could be working their way up through the ranks by taking a bit more initiative. Sometimes just having an incentive can be the driving force behind personal development, and financial rewards/discounted courses are our way of showing how we prioritise Learning and Development at work.

Practical skills can also be life-changing, and My Staff Shop members can save on driving lessons with Red Driving School, making that commute into work far quicker. Any life skill that improves the day to day life of your team will be appreciated by your team.

Learning new skills can help employees to feel more fulfilled and motivated while potentially helping with career development. And it doesn’t hurt to have more highly skilled employees in the workplace either. Versatile skill sets can create a more diversely talented workforce, which is a game changer when it comes to problem solving and group projects. Be it professional learning or personal development, the catalogue of courses available will have something for everyone.


To get a demo and see for yourself the wide range of courses and education content available through My Staff Shop, simply contact us and we’d be happy to walk you through it.

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