Get lucky! Our free lottery is just the ticket to boost employee morale

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Everyone loves a freebie. My Staff Shop Members are even luckier than most.

On top of all the great employee benefits and discounts that are already offered, we provide additional workplace perks such as the free lottery online that each Member has the opportunity to benefit from.

Every month – exclusively on our Platform – Members can be in with a chance of winning our top prize which can be anything from a digital gift card to a stylish kitchen remodel or even a brand new car. This offers an additional way to motivate employees to activate their accounts and start saving.

So how does it work? 

The lottery is quick and easy to enter. Members who have activated their account are eligible to play and the open date for each free lottery is the first of the month. There is a simple task to complete such as searching for a graphic of a lottery ball hidden somewhere on the Platform. When it is located, the employee can select six numbers between 1-59 and once entered they will be in with a chance of winning an exciting prize.

Much like the National Lottery, prizes are given for three balls (usually 50 Reward Beans), four balls typically wins a digital gift card, five balls scoops, for example, the latest garden furniture set, and for the grand prize, a big ticket item such as a pair of Vespa Elettrica scooters will be up for grabs.

This free lottery online is run monthly and is super easy to enter and is another way you can reward employees. It can replace the weekly scratchcard or lotto tickets – all without spending a penny. Click here for a full list of the T&Cs.


If you want to discover more about working with us and offering your people this fantastic, free additional workplace perk, then fill in a form and a customer advisor will be in touch.

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