Employee wellbeing within the wider community

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At My Staff Shop we not only provide excellent standard employee benefits: discount shopping and reward & recognition. We’re also here to help you improve your business’ standing in the community.

Below top two ways My Staff Shop assist you to improve your employee wellbeing within the wider community.

Green Credentials

“Why drive to the gym when you can cycle to work instead? It’s good for your health, great for the environment and saves you £500 a year in gym fees!”

Dan Wrench, Environmental Officer Shropshire Council
Daniel Wrench
Environmental Officer Shropshire Council

The green commute initiative is a salary sacrifice scheme where the employer makes a 0% interest loan to the employee to purchase a bike and sundries (lights, helmet hi-vis, etc.). The employee pays back through a monthly deduction from their salary.

The great benefit to both parties is the repayment deduction is taken before National insurance is calculated, thus reducing the NI paid by both parties.

Cycle to work or Green commute schemes demonstrates that your organisation takes its environmental responsibilities seriously.

  1. Improves the fitness of the employee
  2. Reduces Carbon Footprint helping the UK hit its Paris agreement goals
  3. Mental Health Benefits- there is a lot of evidence to suggest that cycling helps to de-stress at the end of the day
  4. Reduces the amount of parking space required at the office
  5. Saves Money, with no road tax or fuel to pay, the cost of purchase pays for itself with savings
  6. No more traffic jams on your daily commute

Discover how My Staff Shop can manage your green commute initiative. Discover more here

Supporting small businesses in your area

Shopping locally is proven to boost the economy where your business is based. It is estimated that for every £100 spent locally, £68 is kept within that locality, and that’s twice the amount that chains reinvest.

My Staff Shop has a unique way of promoting local businesses on our employee benefits platform, with our distinctive local deals programme.

Here’s how it works: Similar to Google My Business and easier to get onto, the business displays when a potential customer is looking for a matching service in their town or city. There is no fee!

The only proviso is that the local business offers My Staff Shop users an exclusive offer. This exclusive offer usually takes the form of a percentage discount when a user spends a minimum amount with the business.

Recommend a local deal to My Staff Shop on our promoting local business page

Client Testimonial

The support we have received from My Staff Shop has been excellent, both during launch and ongoing. Anything raised is quickly and efficiently dealt with. Throughout, my account manager has always been available and has been a fantastic support.

Processes have been clear, training has been provided, and support with communications has been great. My Staff Shop ran specific webinars for the discount platform to support the launch and also for budget holders for the Reward & Recognition platform. The result has seen 66% of employees sign into the platform so far.

James Drewry Head of Payroll & Reward Rivus Fleet Solutions
James Drewry
Head of Payroll & Reward

My Staff Shop will make a difference to your colleagues. For a free demonstration or to answer any question, please get in touch.

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