Employee Appreciation Day

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It’s Employee Appreciation Day! But what does that mean? Essentially, we could all do with a reminder to recognise how much our team does, and acknowledging these efforts is the best way to make your employees feel appreciated. In difficult times, feeling recognised can be a huge motivating factor. Despite this, research from Gallup and Workhuman found that only one third of employers have a formal employee recognition program in place.

From a periodic office Starbucks to helpful everyday benefits, there are things that you can do to show gratitude to your team. Whatever it is you do to create a supportive, appreciative environment, could you be doing more?

Why recognising your employees is key

In order to feel true job satisfaction, it’s important to feel that the time, effort, and care put into daily tasks and projects is noticed. Our jobs can help contribute to a sense of purpose, but if employees feel like they are slogging through work without any recognition and rewards, individuals can be left feeling undervalued, and insignificant within their roles.

Let’s be honest, nobody wants that. Dissatisfied staff means low morale and high staff turnover, and this is problematic for staff and employees alike. A revolving door of employees is evidence of an unhappy workplace, so staff retention should be high on the list of priorities for HR. But what exactly can you do to remind your people that you care?

Show your appreciation

While every office loves a little treat, with such economic turmoil and financial pressures ongoing, actual impactful perks go a long way. People bringing their stress into work is inevitable, but if you can ease their troubles even slightly, you can help to create a more positive association with work. This being said, a survey by the CIPD showed that only 40% of employees are happy with the benefits their workplace provides, showing the gap between requirements and reality.

Meaningful benefits are a huge win for both employers and employees, as lasting incentives encourage staff to stick around for longer – after all, if you were happy with your job and benefits, would you be interested in potentially downgrading for another place of work?

Perks that matter are the name of the game with My Staff Shop. From supermarket discounts and access to affordable learning courses to counselling and a comprehensive Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), the My Staff Shop portal offers across the board benefits that say ‘we appreciate you, and we want to offer handy staff rewards’.


If you want to celebrate Employee Appreciation Day with benefits employees want, request a demo and see for yourself the fabulous perks.

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