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Bringing in new talent: how to recruit the best of the best

Bringing a new member of staff on board can be an exciting prospect. New ideas, passion and working dynamics from a new hire can breathe life into an office, but it can also be a costly decision. Turnover of staff is cited by 47% of HR professionals worldwide as their top issue within the workplace, so ensuring your business brings on the best is crucial. So what can your business do to form a strong recruitment strategy that makes you stand out from the rest? 

Keep it simple

Sometimes less is more. When you’re reviewing your application process, it shouldn’t be a long-winded and complex task. More jargon and over explanation used in a job description could push prospective candidates straight into the hands of a competitor. Make sure that if you are asking preliminary questions, they are relevant and specific for the job you are advertising. It’s also important to keep an eye on trends: 9 in 10 UK workers either had flexible work or wanted it, so offering the ability to work from home will not only attract more candidates, but also help people who have to juggle busy home lives and pressures out of the office. You may find your team is more productive, as working remotely can help benefit your employee’s mental health, so not only are your employee’s happier, but your business will grow with more effect and more profit. 

Open minds open doors

A modern and progressive workplace is one of the key attributes candidates today are looking for when applying for a job. 66% of UK workers say that the acceptance and inclusion of employees across all backgrounds is important when applying for roles. Attracting new talent who will respect their future colleagues across faiths, identities and cultures assures everyone feels comfortable in their workplace, and respected by their peers. Having a firm and detailed DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) policy available to be seen in early stages of interviews will present the standards in which new candidates are expected to meet. This will ensure the safeguarding of current employee’s welfare, and continuing the growth of an inclusive workplace environment. 

A universal approach is not always appropriate for all employees, and new starters may have particular needs your business had not previously catered for. Ensure before interviews begin, that there has been up-to-date sensitivity training for your staff; including microaggression training, how to spot discriminatory behaviour, and mindfulness of cultures and beliefs that are different to their own. Everyone wants to start their new job on the right note – and comprehensive DEI training will establish this.

Perks and benefits

Offering a comprehensive list of benefits to prospective employees and those already in your ranks will only strengthen your company’s reputation, and the loyalties of your staff. From EAPs to get your employees the emotional, financial or educational support when needed the most, to discounted shopping, gyms and holidays; your benefits portfolio will be a valuable asset to attracting staff who see a long future within your team. Salary Sacrifice Schemes are also an enticing offer to new starters; the ability to own a new car or bike can open doors otherwise shut in other organisations, or bring in talent further a field who may be locked out due to travel restrictions. Providing these perks to employees is not only a tempting offer, but will be cost effective in the long run; Its estimated recruiting new talent can cost a business an average of £3000. Your current staff will thank you too, and encourage loyalty, passion and motivation within the business.

All businesses are looking for new people who will bring with them fresh ideas, skills and dedication. But it’s tough out there: Currently there are 3.1 job vacancies per 100 employee jobs in the UK, so preparing your business to stand prominent among your competitors should be at the top of your list to make sure the people applying for your vacancies fast become dependable and highly valued colleagues.

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