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Fight off the fog with Gym Benefits

As we’ve headed into a new year, not everyone is feeling refreshed and energised. While a lot of people have grand ambitions and elaborate New Year’s resolutions, just taking some small steps and light lifestyle changes can lead to more sustainable, long term health improvements. New Year’s resolutions don’t have to just be a week long slog at your local gym before realising going seven days a week is unrealistic for most, instead implementing a regular but realistic routine can be a positive lifestyle change.

It’s no big secret that regular exercise is a key component of a healthy, active lifestyle, but there are so many other benefits to going to the gym, undergoing an exercise regime, or simply moving more. From preventing diseases, improved sleep and stress relief to boosting mood, and heightening self-esteem; the
NHS have highlighted all of the positives to frequent exercise. If you’re looking for how to boost energy, it could actually be exercise that’s your answer.

Grabbing the trainers and going for a run is easy enough for some people, but a lot of us prefer having a place to go to in order to focus and have an effective workout. Gym memberships can be expensive, but by utilising them properly they can really be worth the monthly cost. So let’s explore the
health and wellbeing benefits on offer with My Staff Shop.

Gym Memberships

For fitness-focused employees, the My Staff Shop Platform provides discounts for the most popular gym chains that are based all over the country. From Bannatyne Health Club & Spa to PureGym discounts, you and your team could make monthly savings on memberships, and with the pounds saved, you could even go Premium. For many people the commitment and cost is enough to deter them from a gym membership, but with many offers including no joining fee and no-contract monthly payments, there’s no big loss if it turns out to not be the gym for you.

Partial to a home workout? My Staff Shop has also partnered with online personal training platforms so you can fit in a workout at lunch when working from home! Gyms can be intimidating and there’s absolutely no ‘right’ way to work out
doing HIIT workout videos in the living room can be better suited to some than travelling to their local gym.

Health and Nutrition

Pairing fitness with nutrition is a natural connection, and for those with a penchant for protein powder and supplements, we have good news. Our Platform provides members with exclusive discounts for the top names in sports nutrition such as MyVegan and Bulk, so that you can save on your vitamins, protein snacks, and whatever other nutritional supplements you integrate to help you reach your goals. 

We even offer Reward Beans for recipe subscription services like Simply Cook, so you can gain financial rewards whilst getting cooking inspiration. 

Sportswear and equipment

Motivation can be difficult, but getting set up in some fashionable and functionable gym wear can put a spring in your step. Investing in clothing and equipment that can assist a fitness journey could be the push needed to get into the right mindset – as well as being kitted out suitably!

You and your team can build up a virtual currency fund with our Reward Beans when buying gym equipment and activewear through our Platform so take advantage of the top brands we’ve partnered with. 

To see for yourself just how many fitness resources and nutrition discounts are on offer, contact us to arrange a
demo! And why not take a look at our sister website My Health Xtras for health and wellness.

My Staff Shop give all this and so much more. Read our White Paper to discover more or, if you prefer, request a demonstration for yourself now.

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