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Unemployment is lower: And so are the wages!

UK unemployment has dropped to a 50 year low as the cost of living rises made real earnings drop by 1.2%

National Mental health week

National Mental Health Week how to beat loneliness in workplace

Reward & Recognition The 9 metrics you need to know.

Job satisfacion & motivation, the 9 metrics you need to know

identify workplace stress

Stress, anxiety & depression accounts for 17.9 million days of work absenteeism in the UK.

The great resignation; Fact or Fiction employee packingh a box

The buzzword on all HR platforms in the last 12 months, other than Covid, is “the great resignation.”

Job Vacancies Highest Since Omicron Wave Began

The economic recovery that was cut short by the Omicron variant has returned.

employee appreciation da

National employee appreciation day, is all about a company's greatest asset.

My Staff Shop assist you to improve your employee wellbeing within the wider community

time to talk fustrated

Five steps to make mental health conversations easier inspired by time to talk day.

Four reasons why has the cost of living is about to rise and how you can help colleagues