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Employee Benefits your colleagues & your boss will love!

Cost-Effective & Trusted

Over 100 UK organisations trust My Staff Shop to deliver their employee benefits. 

This includes a big 4 supermarket, councils and pharmaceuticals etc. They all have one thing in common: A love of benefits that offer the widest range and the deepest discounts.

IF any of those questions you have answered yes to, My Staff Shop is the employee platform for you.

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The support we have received from My Staff Shop has been excellent, both during launch and ongoing. Anything raised is quickly and efficiently dealt with. Throughout, my account manager has always been available and has been a fantastic support.

Processes have been clear, training has been provided, and support with communications has been great. My Staff Shop ran specific webinars for the discount platform to support the launch and also for budget holders for the Reward & Recognition platform. The result has seen 66% of employees sign into the platform so far.

James Drewry Head of Payroll & Reward Rivus Fleet Solutions
James Drewry
Head of Payroll & Reward

Imagine you're looking for the perfect job, what would that job enable you to do?

Save a little more money each month?

Spend more on what you want, because of unique discounts?

Instant anonymous assistance for any problem that crops up?

Enhances Teamwork Spirit

Reward and Recognition Enhances teamwork spirit

Feel aligned with a Strong Employers Brand

Work with stronger colleagues

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Face the challenges of post covid employement

To maximise the EVP of your reward platform brand, your benefits portal can be tailored your way. Every time an employee logs into their My Staff Shop’s account your business branding will be there. Reciprocation is a powerful tool to build loyalty. Branding your platform demonstrates that you care.

Creating an EVP

There are many steps to creating an EVP that matches your business goals and My Staff Shop gives you the tools to create an exciting and engaging platform to create something that your employees really value.

Reward Beans

The more your employees use My Staff Shop, the more benefits they acquire. Reward Beans are a unique virtual savings currency, enabling them to spend their savings and rewards on an ever-increasing range of goods and services on My Staff Shop.

In fact, they can spend Reward Beans on almost anything – from simply buying a gift card or an e-code to purchasing a holiday of a lifetime or a short break.

To make saving easier for your colleagues, they can tailor their reward beans page to match their goal.

Research by LinkedIn shows 89% of employers believe their staff leave for more money. When people changing jobs were surveyed, only about 12% said that their salary was the primary reason for leaving.

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