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Work Wonders with your Workforce

Employee Wellbeing for a Healthier Bottom Line

There is an established link between the performance of your workforce and your employees health and wellbeing. Healthy employees are absent less and they’re in better shape to do their jobs well.

How can HR influence employees’ health and wellbeing and reap the benefits? Besides your many options for managing employee healthcare, HR can also take a more holistic approach to promoting workplace wellness. You can start here.

Why promote health and wellbeing?

We’ve already talked about how healthier employees often perform better and take fewer sick days. There are other benefits too, including:

What does ‘wellbeing’ cover?

Wellbeing is a broad term. Within HR, it can cover an employee’s:

All of these can affect employee performance, and any might be the focus of measures to promote health and wellbeing at work.

Creating an employee wellbeing programme

While only around 8% of UK organisations have a dedicated ‘wellbeing strategy’ in places, more than half have at least one wellbeing benefit in place demonstrates that wellbeing is a common goal for HR departments.

Promoting emotional wellbeing

Why is emotional wellbeing above physical? Because the most commonly offered wellbeing benefits are access to counselling and employee assistance programmes (CIPD 2015). It’s hardly surprising, given the rise in stress-related absence in recent years.

Other initiatives for improving employees’ emotional and psychological wellbeing can include:

My Staff Shop promotes physical wellbeing

Physical health is still important too. Initiatives and benefits you can reduce prices on to promote physical wellbeing include:

Wellbeing through personal and career development

When employee wellbeing is linked to job performance, it can also be boosted by improving job satisfaction and attitudes to work. My staff shop’s platform assist initiatives to enhance:

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