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Managing your team when working from home

Working from home may have declined in the last few years as offices have reopened and working life has started returning to ‘normal’ in the last few years post-pandemic, but the idea of more flexible and hybrid working styles has remained for many companies across the UK. In fact, 14% of UK workers exclusively work from home, and 26% follow hybrid working patterns as of mid-2024. With so many UK employees still working remotely, managing remote workers is still a challenge for many employers.

Communication is key

Creating connections when not working face to face can be difficult. This is inevitable. But there are ways to communicate among co-workers and colleagues, especially with the help of 21st century technology.

Utilising Skype, Slack, Teams, and other platforms can aid in communication with your team. Checking in with a morning ‘coffee and chat’ even just for 10 minutes, and using messaging platforms to say ‘well done’ can go a long way in creating a sense of community in the workplace. Not only is it useful to be aware of the latest updates in the team professionally, but it is a great tool to be able to have regular conversations for working relationships.

Communication can also prove problematic with remote working when it comes to the logistics of projects and workflow. Using an online calendar that everyone has access to can help to keep everyone on the same page with projects, meetings, and deadlines. There are plenty of tools about if you do your research to find the best option for your company.

Sharing is caring

Showing an interest in employees is always important. Everyone has a life outside of work with relationships, hobbies, interests, holidays, all making up a fulfilled lifestyle. While some employees may be more comfortable discussing themselves than others, taking the time to engage with your team and show that you care can help to bridge the divide that remote working can sometimes create.

It may sound obvious but asking after family, pets, trips away, and other life events can show employees that you see them as fully-rounded people and not just a number in the payroll. By remembering details and expressing interest, employees feel cared for and seen,


Having a cohesive team is fundamental to success, but team building without the comradery and water cooler conversations of the office requires creative solutions. Whether it’s implementing monthly socials that are inclusive and feature activities that employees have expressed interest in, a weekly zoom quiz, or virtual escape rooms, there are ways that you can bridge the gap between employees.

Another way to improve colleague bonds is by encouraging peer to peer recognition. Promoting acknowledgement and gratitude amongst employees is necessary to have your team appreciating one another and gelling better within projects.

Bring on the Benefits

Engaging employees from afar can be tricky, but providing incentives to work hard can help. There are many links between Employee Benefits and engagement, and with engaged companies reporting 17% higher productivity and 21% increased profitability, engaging your team is the way to go.

By rewarding employees with a comprehensive benefits package, you can see your people want to give back to the company that gives them so much more than just a salary.

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